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Spouse/Fiance Visa UK

spouse visas


Spouse Visas

The world is a smaller place – many couples meet and marry – a partner is from outside the EU/EEA.  You will need to apply for a Spouse Visa.

Basic Requirement:       

Financial:  Unless you are exempt
Prove yours is a genuine relationship

Additional Requirements:           

English and TB Test unless you are exempt


Online application
Provide required evidence in required format of meeting financial requirement
Provide evidence of relationship
Attend appointment to provide biometrics

The Bottom Line
Get this process wrong and you will probably lose the UK Processing Fee currently £1,523 – experience a delay of being together.

Our Solution:

  1. Understand the process
  2. Provide accurate details of how you will meet the requirements.
  3. Present the required supporting documents in the acceptable format.
  4. Provide a full explanatory letter to guide the decision maker through your case.


Fiance Visas
This will allow your non EU/EEA Fiance to enter the UK for up to 6 months with permission to marry.  The process and requirements and visa fee are the same as for a spouse visa.

After you marry and before the 6 months’ expiration, you will need to make a further Leave to Remain application.


Our first consulation is free and we offer a free call back service.