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Visa Refusals - UK & Ireland

visa refusal


Sadly refusals are all too common, seemingly unfair often brutal. It seems they portray the applicant as guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence – both UK and Ireland explain written reasons for a refusal. Unlike Ireland the UK offers  no right of appeal .A new application is required with details addressing the reasons for refusal
Constant changes in proceedures,unclear requirements via  website information and errors by both government departments & their out-sourced partners and indeed those applicants who choose to 'go it alone' can lead to disappointment.

Avoid the distress and expense of a refusal - The solution is, give yourself the best possible chance to  get it done right the first time

Entry clearance officers have wide discretion in making decisions - if they don't like something they will refuse.
Following refusal there is no right of appeal for visit visas in the UK. A new application is required, decisions within 15 working days. In Ireland an appeal is possible, but there are lengthy delays in processing times
Without experience Visit Visa applications leading to refusals are all too common.

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