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spouse visas Agata and family


My own citizenship application had been refused by the Home Office. I made contact with Immigration On Call who submitted new applications for both me and also my two boys. The service was excellent and the new applications were approved first time… We are now happy British Citizens



I had submitted two separate UK visit visa applications for my wife both were refused despite details of a serious compassionate situation being submitted.  I then consulted Immigration On Call.  They not only presented a very persuasive written argument but advised on implementing a strategy that had the effect of my wife receiving a call from UKVI stating that the refusal had been overturned, this enabling her to enter the UK a originally requested.

Andy UK & East Africa


Our case was somewhat complex causing my family some concern.Immigration On Call provided a clear path with ongoing support that avoided any potential difficulties. The result was that my application was approved first time. Excellent service

Rhett -South Africa


My partner from Brazil was facing deportation. We made contact with Immigration On Call. Their prompt action, adoption of the correct strategy and preparation of a compelling submission to the Irish authorities, to our great relief was approved and my partner has permission to remain in Ireland.

Maria & Maycon


Our original application and then an appeal had both been refused. We contacted Edward who implemented the correct strategy and with his very conscientious assistance we submitted a new application with a detailed explanatory letter. To our delight and relief this application has been approved and after over three years of uncertainty we no longer worry about our immigration issue.

Bart & Darling - Netherlands & USA


Great, attentive service from start to finish my husband from Jamaica has his Spouse Visa is now with me. I contacted Immigration On Call after previous difficulties with an application and worked with them to meet the requirements and to make all the correct paperwork that was then submitted - Covid restrictions made the procedures difficult bur we battled on and the application was approved. My thanks to them

Sabena - London


Very helpful, efficient and always available to answer queries during the application process. My thanks to Edward for a job well done!

Victoria - Ireland


I had been battling for over a year with the authorities for my Filipino partner and our son to be able to be together. A previous visa had been refused and I was beginning to despair. Covid restrictions made it impossible for even short term visits. Eddie took on the case and prepared both a new application and an excellent explanatory letter outlining the exact details of our case. He was always available for advice throughout the process - The application was approved and my partner and son are preparing to travel for us to be together and be a family, at last.

Conor - Ireland


I had the daunting task of completing the application process to permanently join my US citizen wife who had returned there to study nearly a year ago. Covid restrictions caused major delays in completing the requirements, obtaining a medical examination and being given an interview date at the US Embassy. Checking all their requirements, providing the evidence and preparing for the interview with all the supporting documents was very heavy going - Eddie provided me much needed guidance, all the potential pitfalls were avoided by his help to the extent that my Long Term Residency has now been approved and that I now booking my flight to join my wife after 10 months apart.



Throughout the initially daunting process all our queries were dealt with efficiently and promptly – No hesitation in recommending them.

Claudette & Morgan…………Formerly from South Africa now resident in Ireland


I have nothing but praise for this company. My seemingly complex case was handled without fuss and very capably & most importantly the subsequent application was approved. My previously acquired UK status was the 10 year route to settlement. I then found that I had a grandparent born in the UK meaning that I met the criteria for An Ancestry Visa. The UKVI website was very confusing saying that you could not transfer from another visa to an Ancestry Visa. That proved not to be the case.

Desiree………South Africa & Scotland


No hesitation on recommending this organisation. We received very professional, prompt and attentive service in dealing with our case. My wife now has her EEA Residence Card.

Matt and family formerly from Johannesburg


So glad we found these people. In 2015 UK Immigration refused my application to attend a family wedding in Scotland. They very quickly made a new application together with a compelling explanatory letter on our behalf… Visa approved, wedding attended, happy days! Two years later based on wife’s British citizenship they assisted and supported very well and I am now settled with the family in the UK.

Alan……Ex Zimbabwe


Just been granted our Fiance Visa. Superb service and it was a great advantage that consultations at the weekend were available for us. No hesitation in recommending.

George & Natchuda