Why Immigration on Call?
From a simple visa application to more complex immigration matters.

Our team specialise in immigration matters, keeping fully up to date with changes in the law. They are available to discuss your circumstances and requirements with you to help you formulate a strategy on how best to execute the appropriate application(s) that may have the best possible chance of being successful.

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Spouse and Fiance visas
Spouse/Fiance Visas

The world is a smaller place! Now many couples meet and marry a partner that is from outside the EU/EEA. In this case you will need to apply for a Spouse Visa.

UK and Ireland visit visas
Visit Visas

Immigration on Call can assist you with all your requirements when applying for a visit visa to the EU.

EU Treaty Rights
EU Treaty Rights

For those holding an EU/EEA passport this route offers through and EU directive a method of obtaining settlement for non EU/EEA family members. 

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The Power of the Compelling Explanatory Letter

Apart from completing the invariably lengthy and often complex application documents and then assembling supporting documents in the correct format, we believe it is vitally important to submit a COMPELLING EXPLANATORY LETTER designed to avoid any possible misunderstanding and make it easier for the caseworker to fully understand the merit of the case.



Constantly changing laws, new initiatives, savage cutbacks combined with high levels of immigration applications mean that many government departments responsible for dealing with immigration matters are severely undermanned & starved of resources.

It is vital that any application is error free, accurate & presented in an acceptable manner. Unnecessary delays through even a minor error or inaccuracy inevitably cause further frustration as a re-submitted application will doubtless go to the back of the queue when received by the department responsible for examining & processing the request.


You owe it to yourself & perhaps to your family to make sure any application, whether it is for an extension to an existing visa or a more complex request, that you are supplied with accurate assistance from an organsation that has the knowledge, resources & professionalism to assist in making an application that has the best possible chance of being approved.